The Nature of My Backyard

I love wild birds, flowers, herbs, trees, butterflies, bugs and anything else Mother Nature places in my backyard for me to enjoy! I gladly share them with you.

Pictures of Goldfinches

Goldfinches in their winter olive-green coats, with just a hint of yellow here and there.  When spring finally arrives, they will molt and reveal a gorgeous coat of sunshine yellow!

At the beginning of April you can see our Goldfinches as they begin to molt, just starting to reveal what their true summer color will be.
The males show a hint of what will eventually become the jet black color on the front and top of their heads.  

Here, with some mourning doves in the foreground, are male and female goldfinches in their summer coats.  You can see that the females are more yellow green and don't have black hats!
Look at the beautiful bright yellow and contrasting black accents of the male Goldfinch.

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