The Nature of My Backyard

I love wild birds, flowers, herbs, trees, butterflies, bugs and anything else Mother Nature places in my backyard for me to enjoy! I gladly share them with you.

Pictures of Black-Capped Chickadees

I made this bird feeder basket from things I had around the house.  The birds visit it constantly!
My chickadees hop inside, find a sunflower seed, and hop back out again.  They do this many times a day.

This Wreath makes a great place to hang a feeder.  The birds have to slow down to land on the feeder, as a result, they don't fly into the windows!  It's easy to make with natural materials, or those found at the craft store.  Add a small bird feeder, and your birds will visit you up close.  Learn how to make the wreath here.

Bushes near your bird feeders make great spots for birds to wait their turn.  They can also get a little shelter from the weather while they work at their sunflower seeds.  This weigela bush works well for birds year round.  In the spring and summer, it is a magnet for hummers.  Evergreen bushes as well as holly shrubs also help shelter birds during bad weather.  They also provide food for different birds.

Friendly little chickadees are the first to explore new foods at the feeder.  I had just added some mealworms for the blue jays to enjoy, and my little chickadee found them first!

Chickadees often use animal fur to line their nests.  That means this little bird is almost finished with its nesting chores!

Looks like this black-capped chickadee found a tasty morsel to feed the young in the nest box nearby.

Chickadee's favorite food is black oil sunflower seed, followed by peanut halves, homemade bird treats, suet, and peanut butter.

Chickadees quite often choose nest boxes and bird houses to raise their young.  On this particular day the temperature had risen to over 90 degrees!  As a result, the black-capped chickadee had its beak wide open as a way to cool its body down.  Two chickadee babies were raised successfully despite the temperature extremes last spring and summer.

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