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I love wild birds, flowers, herbs, trees, butterflies, bugs and anything else Mother Nature places in my backyard for me to enjoy! I gladly share them with you.

Pictures of Dark-Eyed Juncos

Female Junco
by Grandma Pearl

It's kind of hard to tell a male from a female junco, unless you are up close.  The female has brown on her back, the top of her head and on her wings.  But in flight, or from a distance, these color differences are practically indistinguishable.

Dark-eyed Junco
by Grandma Pearl

Juncos eat bugs and seeds, and that makes them omnivorous; as opposed to granivorous, which means seed eater, and insectivorous, which means--well you can figure that one out!
Male Junco in the dry leaves.
by Grandma Pearl

Here's a male dark-eyed junco doing what juncos do, and that is grabbing a leaf with its talons and then jumping up and backwards to reveal whatever might be on the underside!  It's a great trick--I wonder how they figured that out?

                            Poor little junco sheltering at the feeder against the snow and windstorm!
                                                                         by Grandma Pearl

                                                  Junco eating a snow-covered seed.
                                                                by Grandma Pearl

Juncos enjoy foraging on the ground as well as eating at platform seed feeders.  Sunflower seeds are their favorites.

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