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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Fabulous Male Birds! Masters of Fashion, Song & Dance!

Discover the reasons male birds are so gorgeous!
How pretty are these goldfinches, especially the males!

Wild Bird Fun for Everyone!

Cornell Lab of Ornithology unravels the mystery with a fun, informative, interactive series of videos and quizzes designed to answer the age old question of why male wild birds are the most fashionable and fabulous!

The Mystery of Beautiful Males—Explained

We love birds because of their outrageous beauty—but why is it the males that so often look fabulous? It's an age-old question, now explored in depth at All About Bird Biology. With colorful quizzes and rare footage, you’ll get to know males that use feathers, songs, dance moves, and even design skills to woo mates. Discover the upper limits of extravagance—and the reasons for it—with All About Fancy Males

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