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Friday, October 31, 2014

Weird Names of Groups of Birds!

Names of Groups of Birds from Old English, Latin and Greek originating more than 500 years ago

Ever heard of any of these?  I knew about the murmuration of starlings and the brood of hens, bevy of quail, but the rest were new to me!

bevy of quail
colony of penguins
covey of partridge
gaggle of geese
murmuration of starlings
murder of crows
parliament of owls
rafter of turkeys
bouquet of pheasants
brood of hens
cast of hawks
charm of finches
wedge of geese
sord of mallards
peep of chickens
ostentation of peacocks
kettle of hawks
party of jays
descent of woodpeckers
host of sparrows
dole of doves
paddling of ducks (on the water)

exaltation of larks

short video showing a 'kettle of hawks'

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