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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Flocks of Finches!

Finches Are Everywhere I Look!

American Gold Finches in their Winter Plumage
by Grandma Pearl

When it is finally spring, these friendly and chatty little finches will undergo quite a change.  The males will put on their brightest sunshine yellow coats and black hats.  Uttering a familiar call--'potato chip, potato chip', they will approach the feeders with an undulating flight pattern.  

Male and Female American Gold Finches in their spring/summer plumage.
by Grandma Pearl
The goldfinches here are accompanied by some mourning doves.  
 House Finches and Gold Finches love both sunflower seeds and thistle (nyjer) seeds
by Grandma Pearl

Pretty House Finches will brighten up once spring and summer roll around.  They happily share the feeders will the little goldies.

So many finches waiting their turns at the feeders!

American Gold Finches, males and females like to cling to vertical surfaces.  I love the intricate patterns of their wing feathers!

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